Hitotsuisi: Paradise of invertebrate

This point is in a 3-minute out from the harbor, located at the center of the Owase Bay.  It is rock reef under the sea. The deepest is 14m. Top of the bigest Rock is flat, depth is only 4m. A lot of soft corals are seen here. Sometimes, also can be seen anemone fish nestling in the coral sea anemone. So, it's good place for safety stop, too.As you go down to deep, large sized Antipathes japonica ( umi karamatsu ) will greet you. And  you could  be seen Ortmann's spider-crab on a branch of umi karamatsu. If you look in crevices, flock of lobster will also be found.Parrot fish, black sea bream, a large Medina has always, this point is the best point to find type of fish widely in Owase.In addition, the rock has two tunnel of about 4m and about 6m length with the width that can pass through enough. Inside is covered with yellow coral.Hitotsuishi is a good place where we can enjoy  watching  not only the landscape but also marine life at the same time.