Gyosho: Palace of Sea life

This is a popular point, in 8 minutes from the harbor.This point is artificial fish reef to lure the large migratory fish. A lot of blocks as has been thrown into sandy seabed. There are two type, one is 1 cubic, other one is 2 cubic meter. Depth is, bottom 23m, top 18m.Concrete block has been covered with Soft corals. This artificial fish reef has become a part of nature.Because nudibranchs and the small creatures including the frog angler inhabit, this point is suitable for macro photography.The other hand, around intermediate layer, we can see large school of Half-line cardinals and horse mackerels through the year. and we can see frequently large painted sweetlip, flatfish, lionfish, and John Dory.So we can enjoy both macro and wide angle.Bottom depth is 23m. Transparency is high. Endless sand crest are very fantastic.